Mixing & Mastering

Professional Mixing and Mastering at one of the lowest price in the industry. Have a certified audio engineer bring your music to new heights. Enjoy a stress free process with customer support and revision on the music available at all time while we work on your projects. Select the service you want below and enter how many songs you want prepared.

Premium Mixing & Mastering
Professional Mixing Quality and Industry Standard Mastering
Include 2 Revisions
Include : EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Reverb and Delay, Multiband Limiting, Loudness Maximization, Noise Reduction, Stereo Widening, Manual Editing of Vocals and Tuning
Mix Multiple Files Together For Each Song
Mastering Only
Get Your Mix Loud Without Compromising on Quality
Include 1 Revision
Include : EQ, Compression, Multiband Limiting, Bass Control and Loudness Maximization
Master A Single File For Each Song

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send the tracks?

After the transaction, we will provide you with a link to upload the files directly to our server. Read this arcticle in order to know how to prepare the files: Sending Vocals to the Engineer

What maximum number of tracks can I send for each song

We accept up to 30 tracks with no additional charge which should be enough for most songs. In the event that require more, communicate with us and we will send to you the updated pricing.

Can you mix and master an instrumental music?

Yes, we work with music that either include or exclude vocal tracks.