Receive the untagged Wav file
Sell 5000 copies of your song
Monetize 500000 streams of your song
Unlimited time frame
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Trackout Lease
Receive the untagged Wav file and the trackout files
Sell 5000 copies of your song
Monetize 500000 streams of your song
Unlimited time frame
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Unlimited Lease
Receive the untagged Wav file and the trackout files
Unlimited distribution
Unlimited streams
Unlimited time frame
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


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What license do I need?

License¬†:¬†The license will grant you the right to¬†record your own song (recording license) or¬†to¬†use the instrumental as it is in your multimedia projects (synchronization license or “sync”) as background music, accompanying music, sound track, etc. This can be used for projects such as : songs, films, television shows, advertisements, video games, podcasts, video streams. You will also acquire the right to play the instrumental publicly in your business, at an event or other places.

Trackout License : If you are recording in a studio and/or working with an audio engineer, the tracked out (trackout) version will allow you to reach better sound quality for the final mix/master. You will receive all the instruments used in the song in their own individual Wav file which is what will be used in order to reach better sound quality for your song. You will also receive the mixed instrumental Wav file and its license which you would also receive when acquiring the normal License. If you want to use the tracked out version, the tracks will need to be mixed again along with the vocals in order for the instrumental to sound like the original version.

Unlimited License : Get the untagged wav file, the trackout and all the rights that the license offers with no distribution limit or streaming limit.

Why is the only license option available for the beat I want is "Sync License Only"?

This means that the instrumental has been sold exclusively to someone and can no longer be used to record a new song (recording licenses sold out). All licenses previously sold are still valid and a license can still be acquired for synchronization rights only.

Custom Beats

Custom Made Instrumentals
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Mixing and Mastering Services

Make your whole song reach professional quality by getting your lyrics mixed by a certified audio engineer. If the instrumental was purchased from us, we will even process your lyrics along with the original multitrack of the instrumental at a discounted price, giving them maximum integration with the instruments and an even better tonal quality.

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Will voice tags be removed upon purchase?

Yes. The voice that says “JF” at one or various moments¬†of the instrumental will be removed once the transaction is completed.

I have downloaded the beat for free, why would I pay for it?

Free downloads are very limited. They are rendered at low quality, compressed and tagged. You are also forbidden from making any kind of income from your projects using the instrumental. Free downloads are available in order to allow everyone to use the music but we operate with the mindset that : If you dont want to invest in your project, you should not expect others to pay for it either. We want you to be aware that if you are commercially benefiting from the instrumental without a license, you are breaking copyrights laws and that the instrumentals are legally protected and stored in various databases scanning online for content identification.

What is a Performance Rights Organisation (PRO)?

Performance rights organisations manage licenses and royalties internationally. You can find the organisation operating in your country online along with further information on how they operate on by doing a search on Google or Wikipedia. When using the recording license, if you register the song you made, you will need to include JF Beats as a songwriter for 50% of the copyright ownership for the new recording.

How do I get a website like yours?

For more information on our web design service, contact us at This website is buit and designed by JF Beats